Design center:Ann Arbor, MI

Designing since:2014

Joined KSI:2014

Degree(s):A.A.; B.F.A. in Interior Design

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Catherine’s design philosophy is simple and honest, integrating the ideals of technical knowledge, design integrity, value, quality and style. She believes Interior Design is a form of art. By introducing color, texture, proportion and pattern to a space, one can transform an ordinary room into a living work of art. While beauty and aesthetics are an important aspect of design, functionality of the space plays just as important a role. “Design is all about having an open mind and recognizing the beauty in opportunities beyond what you would normally think to incorporate.”

Catherine expertly guides her clients through the design process and creates spaces tailored to their personality, likes and dislikes. Her professional approach to space design, product and finish selections and managing the design budget prevent costly mistakes. “My goal is to use design as a means to make beneficial changes to a client’s lifestyle and open doors for new and exciting possibilities!”