Design center:Birmingham, MI

Designing since:2016

Joined KSI:2017

Degree(s):B.A. Communications and History

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Frank’s inspiration comes from people. A great listener, his genuine interest and curiosity helps him to discover the things that his clients are passionate about. “What people love impacts how they want to use and live in their space. Being able to capture those things in design can make the difference between a great space and one that simply gets the job done.”

As the father of three young children, Frank understands the challenges facing busy parents. Design needs to meet the daily functional needs of a family but it should also work for social activities – particularly those of the parent(s). To achieve the best outcome, he spends time really getting to know his clients and their lifestyle. “In order to make the best recommendations, I have to build a solid relationship with my clients. The more we explore together in discovery, the more personalized I can make the space.”