Design center:Livonia, MI

Designing since:2010

Joined KSI:2017

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Lindsey was destined to be a designer. With a builder for a father, she cut her teeth helping on job sites. It wasn’t long before she found herself putting in “her two cents” and collaborating on his projects. Her mother’s passion for collecting antiques, refinishing furniture and experimenting with paint and color inspired Lindsey’s own creativity. “The environment I grew up in sharpened my understanding of style and spatial awareness so I am able to envision rooms in a completely different way.”

Lindsey is a student of the industry, staying on top of the latest product innovations and incorporating them into her designs. She enjoys finding new ways to organize spaces, ensuring they function optimally for her client’s lifestyles. When it comes to style, Lindsey takes a holistic approach, reflecting the client’s vision for the new space while complementing the elements in the rest of the home.

Lindsey believes in living life to the fullest. In her free time, she spends time with friends and family, attending concerts and Tiger’s games and traveling as much as she can.